Rabbit Hutches for Sale 2015

We have a great range of rabbit hutches for sale at very reasonable prices.  All our hutches are handmade and finished to the highest quality, isn’t it time you gave your rabbit the luxury hutch it deserves.

Are you a pet lover? Do you love furry animals such as rabbits? If you do, then you must keep them nicely and take good care of them. Keeping a rabbit means a lot of responsibility as rabbits are sensitive animals. If you are looking for  amazing hutches to give your cute little rabbit a nice home, then you need to check out our rabbit that we have for sale. We have the finest quality hutches for sale for your rabbit in every size and style. Our shop has become the number one supplier of hutches for the rabbit in the entire UK.  Since we have a passion for bunnies, we want to give them private spaces for their comfort and ease. We have 4ft, 5ft and even 6ft high hutches for your rabbits to ensure your fluffy friend gets enough space to hop around. We have worked hard and designed the hutches to feel like home for your bunny.

We know how hard it may be for you to decide a hutch ideally suited for your rabbit. We come across customers who have recently bought new rabbits and are confused about dealing with them. Come to us and our hutches will ensure you of the level of comfort provided to your pets. We will also offer you advice about making the right choice of hutch for your rabbit. One thing you need to keep in mind is the physical activities and size of your rabbit. Once you know what kind of rabbit you have, choosing a suitably sized hutch form our range of hutches will no longer be a problem.

Some of the options we have for rabbit hutches include the Chartwell single luxury hutch made 4ft high. This hutch has a single compartment which is enclosed by a wooden door from one side and gauze on the other. While your rabbits will be able to bounce here and there and nibble carrots in the enclosed sides, you will be able to see their cute activities from the gauze side.

If you think your rabbit would rather want a bigger place to jump around and sleep, the Kendel Luxury Rabbit hutch is what you’re looking for. Despite being 4ft high, this hutch has gauzed structure which is enclosed as a room with four wooden pillars. Over this enclosed room is the cabinet shaped room for your rabbit to sleep when he’s tired of jumping and making noise. The upper cabinet also features gauze on one wall and completely enclosed door on the other side. The lower portion will give your rabbit the ease of jumping anywhere he likes to without creating a mess.

Chartwell Double Luxury hutch is also an option for you if you have more than one rabbit. This is best suited for two or four bunnies of the same breed. What is interesting about this hutch is its capacity. The hutch is divided into upper and lower stories just like in houses. The upper story is closed with a wooden cabinet on one side and gauzed from the other. The lower portion is completely gauzed and features a wooden slab-like slope in one side. Your rabbits will love jumping on the slope and trying to reach its highest point. You are also going to enjoy watching them play around with their adorable ears and tails. This hutch is usually for a pair of bunnies who further produce many babies.

Rabbit Hutches for Sale

Our aim here at Home and Roost’s is to provide your pet the perfect living facility in the entire world. Our company is based on the dream of giving pets the love and care they truly deserve. Apart from the above mentioned products, we have many other hutches for sale if you are still not sure of which one to purchase. Our basic motive is to provide the best hutches for your pet in which he can exercise his liberty and freedom of jumping around and creating a mess. One great thing about our rabbit hutches that we have for sale is their quality. The wood we use is reliable and can withstand pressure and environment instabilities. You can place hutches in or out of the house and not get worried about the wood getting swollen up.

You can put in as many bunnies in the luxury double hutch without worrying about the pressure they put on the hutch by jumping on its platform. Our company is aiming for a better lifestyle for your pets. You can talk to us at any time and make decisions about purchasing the right choice for your rabbit our experienced team will be delighted in helping you and can also offer advice on items on sale. You need not worry for the quality of our wood because it is the best you can get. You can talk to us through our chat rooms and be sure of what you need for your precious pet.

We provide these rabbit hutches for sale at very reasonable prices. Our company is here to meet your pets’ needs. All you have to do is log on to our website and click on the icon of “Let’s Go Shopping” to start purchasing the right hutches for your little bunny. We are the best sellers of rabbit hutches in UK and no one can beat us in our quality. Let us help you and your bunny by providing a home which makes him feel free and comfortable. No longer will you have to clean up all the mess your bunny makes in the living room because the hutch will carry all the mess inside it. Shop from our store now and show your rabbit that you love him!

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